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Cruising from Lombok, Sumba to Komodo Island

If Bali is famous with the 1,000 temples, Lombok island is well known with the 1,000 mosques. This island is part of the Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) with Mataram as the capital city. Sasak is the majority ethnic group besides the Buginese, Javanese, Balinese and Arabs.

Great Tour in Lombok

Cakranegara, at East Mataram, is the main market center and has several Balinese temple, built by Anak Agung Made Karang in 1720. This temple held Pujawali Festival every year on September or October during the full moon periods.

The best beach is Senggigi at Northern Lombok. You can snorkel the sea and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs. 45 km from Cakranegara is the beautiful white-sand beach of Kuta. Do not be confuse with the Kuta beach in Bali. To see the sunset, go to the Pura Batu Bolong, a Hindu temple on a cliff. If you want to dive and continue to snorkel other places, take a trip to Bangsal and from here you can depart by boat to the islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. You may be astonished with numbers and types of the marine habitats.Continue

Your Journey to Sumbawa

Sumbawa island is divided into three administrative regencies: Sumbawa Besar, at the west side; Bima in the east and Dompu in the middle.
In Sumbawa Besar, there is a former sultan’s palace named Dalam Loka. Many large sarcophagi with the carved of human and crocodile can be found in Sumbawa Besar. 18 km from this area, you can see the Neolithic royal tomb aged about 2,000 years.
Moyo island is a protected wildlife island for preserving the local deer and wild boars. You can be involved in a game hunt on this island if you have a permit from the Nature Conservation Ofice at Sumbawa Besar, Non-hunters can still enjoy the island by scuba diving and snorkeling.

More to the East

Kupang is the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province, which is on the Timor island. You can visit the traditional market and the Museum Negeri Kupang. Just pick the colorful Ikat cloths with geometrical design and the Sasando instrument (similar with a mandolin from lontar leaves) for souvenirs. Other islands included in this province are: Komodo, Flores, Kepulauan Solor, and Kepulauan Alor. Komodo island is just one step to the east from Sumbawa. Tourists are welcome to see the Komodo dragon. This reptile is being protected and part of the Komodo National Park.

After seeing the Komodo dragon, you can continue snorkeling or scuba diving at Pantai Merah. You never will see this beach in other places, because the sand is pinkish. The marine park is one of the best sites in the world, because around 250 coral species and 1,000 fish species live in the deep sea near the island. The local people are directly involved for protecting this treasure.

Three Color Lake

Continue your trip to Flores, do not miss the volcanic crater lake on Keli Mutu mountain. With the altitude of 1,640 meters, the lake has three different colors: blue, turquoise and dark burgundy. These colors are constantly changing and until now, no one there has no exact answer why the lake has different colors. Local people believe that tehe lake is related with the souls; one is the soul of the sorcerers, the other is the soul of the sinners and the third one is soul of infants and virgins.

Bold Pattern Ikat from Sumba

Sumba have the best Ikat cloth. This island is famous with the Hingi Ikat, The thread is stretched on a frame and tied with dyed resistant fibers to create the pattern before immersed in dye and sun-dried. Bold animals or human figures are its originated design. The second stage is the process of re-binding and re-dying to make a final design. You can see the process and purchase it at Prailiu, Rende, Ngalu and Baing.

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